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Kristy Paganes

Tubby's /Just Baked

Single Store Franchise Owner Since 1994

Q: How did you get into the Tubby’s/Just Baked business?

Kristi: Well, I grew up in the business. My parents owned Tubby’s. After, I went to college and later decided I wanted to own one.


Q: What makes Tubby’s different from other franchise food establishments?
Kristi: The quality of the food and the profitability. Customers love Tubby’s. It’s not something we as franchisees have to sell individually, the product sells itself. It’s very profitable to own a store. There’s a lot of ways to profit in Tubby’s. As long as you financially have the right people in place, follow their guidelines on quality, food portions, it falls into place. All the stores are successful. Also Tubby’s has been around for a long time….so longevity too.

Q: How is the support from home office?

Kristi: The support from corporate is great. They are very supportive especially in marketing and do a lot of it for us. If we need help with anything they are always available.


Q: Would you recommend Tubby’s to a someone looking to be self-employed in the franchise food industry?

Kristi: Absolutely. It’s a great franchise to own, great people, great product…..I’ll probably open up a couple more in the future once my son is older.

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